My Kung Fu 12 Kicks - Full Movie

Duration : 1:27:22
Description :
My Kung Fu 12 Kicks
My Kung Fu 12 Kicks is a martial arts Hong Kong movie dubbed in Hindi starring Bruce Leung, Feng Ku, Siu-Lung Leung, Han Kuo Tsai and Lee Hoi-San.

Ta Pien is a pickpocket who falls foul of the village loan shark, Chow, when he is caught dipping and receives a beating for his troubles. Brothel cleaner Ah Chai helps him home to the old temple which he shares with Mr Wu. He suggests that he learns kung fu to get his revenge, but on the way to the local school they find the three teachers being beaten by Iron Skin Kwai, who is after their secret book of techniques. When Ta Pien gives refuge to the crippled teachers at the temple, the three decide to teach him how to fight. But after getting his revenge on Chow and his men, Chow hires Kwai to take Ta Pien down. It is then that the old rickshaw driver Mr Wu steps in to teach Ta Pien his formidable Tan Toi style. There's also a love interest in the form of a girl sold to Chow for the brothel who escapes with Ah Chai to the temple but is t...

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