Naiyya - Classic Bollywood Film - Rajshri Productions

Duration : 1:56:29
Description :
Naiyya - Classic Bollywood Film - Rajshri Productions
The only ambition of Sonu, a sailor, is to own a majestic and beautiful boat. One day, Sonu saves a girl called Geeta from drowning in the river which was overflowing due to heavy rain. Geeta is an orphan staying with her `Mamaji' (mothers brother)in the neighbouring village. After Geeta fully recovers, Sonu takes her back to her village but to their disappointment, Geeta's Mamaji refuses to accept her. Sonu is left with no alternative but to bring Geeta to his own house where she is warmly welcomed by Sonu's mother.A rich man Pannalal, staying in Sonu's village, sets his eyes on Geeta and begins to harass her. Meanwhile, Sonu's mother suddenly falls ill and passes away after expressing her last desire to make Geeta her daughter-in-law. Sonu is shattered by his mother's death and problems begin to mount in his life. Pannalal again starts making advances at Geeta but Sonu comes to her rescue in time and teaches Pannalal a lesson. After this incident, Sonu firmly decides to find a su...

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