Narsimha - Full Movie

Duration : 2:34:08
Description :
Synopsis : Assistant Commissioner of Police Muthusamy (Sarath Kumar) is an honest cop who fights for justice. His wife Saroja (Pranathi) dies while giving birth to their daughter and Sarath lives the life of a widower with his little daughter Krithika (Baby Monica). Vijayalakshmi (Laila) is a constable working under him. She dotes on the daughter and secretly loves Muthuswamy. Meanwhile, Muthusamy arrests illicit liquor brewer Naga (Jasper) and earns the wrath of 3 VIPsindustrialist Punniyakoti (Sethu Vinayagam), Central Minister Rajendran (Thanikkal Bharani) and IAS Officer Manibharathi (Manikka Vinayagam).

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