Naughty Boy - Classic Bollywood Film - Kishore Kumar - Full Movie

Duration : 2:08:46
Description :
Naughty Boy - Classic Bollywood Film - Kishore Kumar
Pritam (Kishore Kumar) lives in a huge tenement and shared a room with three absolutely unusual companions. The tenants are in constant fear of the frightful landlady who laid down her strict rule that outlawed love on the premises. On a rainy day when Pritam runs into a beautiful girl, Meena Sharma (Kalpana), and their umbrellas get entangled, and when freed get interchanged. He goes to look for her house and finds she lives with her maternal uncle, a music maestro of sorts, and Pritam enrolls himself in his class. Pritam and Meena continue meeting and fall in love with each other. When Meena's sister is about to get married, she travels to Pune and that's when Pritam finds out that her train had an accident and she has been listed as one of the dead. Heart-broken and devastated he is severely depressed, until his co-workers decide that he should go for a picnic and this does cheer him considerably. In this cheerful state he returns home and decides to carry on with life without Me...

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