Nehiya Lagvani Saiyan Se - Superhit Bhojpuri Film

Duration : 2:34:08
Description :
Nehiya Lagvani Saiyan Se - Superhit Bhojpuri Film
After completing his education in the city, Badal returns to his village and decides to help his father take care of the farms. He sets out to clear a group of Gypsies who have taken over his farm land. There he meets Bijli, a beautiful girl in the Gypsy troupe and has a change of heart. Badal lets the the group settle on his land and continues meeting Bijli in secret. Soon they fall in love with each other much to the chagrin of Gurera who is engaged to Bijli. An enraged Gurera viciously plots to separate Badal and Bijli at any cost. Meanwhile, Badal's parents oppose to Badal getting married to a gypsy girl. With the odds stacked against them. will the star-crossed lovers triumph in their love?

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