Nippu Ravva - Full Movie

Duration : 2:17:47
Description :
Nippu Ravva
Karthik is a police officer who is Raja Shekar's only son and Radha is an advocate and is Raja Shekar's friend's daughter who lives in their house. Baba is a local goon whom Karthik tries to put behind bars. Karthik in the process of trapping Baba, arrests Saysan who used to work with Baba. Saysan hires Radha as his attorney and she gets him bailed out. One day Radha goes to meet Saysan at his home where a bunch of goons try to rape her but Baba comes to her rescue and saves Radha. This incident endears Baba to Radha and she begins to belive that he can change for the better. When Karthik learns about what happened, he argues with Radha that someone like Baba can never go back to being a normal person and that he will always remain a goon. Radha challenges Karthik that she will bring about the change in Baba and reform him into a law abiding citizen. The rest of the story is about how Radha wins the challenge she makes with Karthik and how Baba actually becomes a better person.

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