Nirdosh - Full Movie

Duration : 2:01:36
Description :
Super hit movie Nirdosh (1973)
Starring: Vinod Mehra, Yogeeta Bali, Sujit Kumar, Iftekhar..
Producer: Nariman .H. Baria, A. Khaliq, Director: S. M. Sagar
Writter: Aziz Qaisi.

Synopsis: Ravi (Vinod Mehra), a young lawyer is the son of Judge Dwarkanath (Iftekar). Judge Dwarkanath had decided that his son would get married to Pooja (Yogita Bali), the daughter of his childhood friend Shiv once the both of them grew up. Now Ravi is grown up and his father wants Ravi to go and check on Pooja. Ravi goes to Pooja's Village, and comes acrose Pooja who is a complete prankster, dressed up like a boy and behaving like one also. She spends all her time roaming around and playing with the boys. She plays a lot of pranks on Ravi and his friends and he starts liking her. He then slowly falls in love with her. He doesn't tell her parents nor her who he is. So, one fine day Pooja decides to transform her self into an ordinary girl. Ravi discloses his true identity to her. One day Dwarkanath reads in...

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