Pedala Brathukulu - Full Movie

Duration : 2:11:42
Description :
Pedala Brathukulu
Pedala Bratukulu is a heart wrenching story about how poverty drives people to the brink. Saroja is the daughter of a seamstress whose sole purpose in life is to provide for her children. They live with just enough to get by everyday. Saroja falls in love with Murthy, who's the son of a wealthy man. Their financial statures don't get in the way of their love. However, when Murthy's father finds out that his son is in love with a woman from a poor family, he strongly condemns it and forbids him from meeting her. Murthy, unwilling to give up Saroja, moves out of his house to be with her. What happens to Murthy and Saroja and how the dreams and desires of the poor crumble forms the crux of the story.

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