Pellaniki Premalekha Priyuraliki Subhalekha

Duration : 2:18:49
Description :
Pellaniki Premalekha Priyuraliki Subhalekha
Raja is a faithful husband who loves his wife, Keerti, very much. Keerti is a very simple and a devoted wife whose life completely revolves around her husband. Raja and Keerti's relationship is like any newly wed couple. They live a peaceful life and they believe that nothing could ever change that. Until one day, Raja runs into a beautiful girl named, Swathi. Raja really likes the fact that she's modern day woman whose thoughts are very forward. He slowly takes a liking towards her without telling her that he's married to another woman. Raja juggles between his wife and his new found girlfriend for awhile and tries hard to avoid suspicion. But eventually, Keerti finds out the truth and goes to face her husband's mistress only to learn that the mistress no other thatn her old college friend, Swathi. After gainig their composure, both women feel betrayed and decide to teach Raja a lesson. So, they pretend not knowing the truth and continue acting the same way as they were. Keerti and...

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