Premanjali - Full Movie

Duration : 1:51:00
Description :
Arun and Priya are college mates who barely know each other. But Priya has always been in love with Arun. No matter how hard she tries to win his heart, he refuses to reciprocate her feelings. Arun is someone who used to beleive that falling in love would be the end of a man's life, but when he sees that Priya's love for him is unconditional, Arun starts to fall for her. Arun tells his father, Sarath Babu, about Priya and he agrees to their union. Even Priya's mother, Radhika, gives her blessings. But when Radhika and Sarath Babu meet, they're shocked to see each other. Their hatred for each other stems from an incident that occured a long time ago, so they refuse to let their children marry each other. Unable to convince their stubborn parents, Arun and Priya decide to end their sorrow by commiting suicide. But the local church's priest stops them and tells them that their parents' true story has to be revealed to understand the situation. The rest of the movie is about how Arun an...

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