Pyaar Ke Rahi - Hindi Classic Film

Duration : 2:17:35
Description :
Pyaar Ke Rahi - Hindi Classic Film
A contractor named Gupta on a dam site gets attracted to a laborer girl named Champa and gets involved with her. He soon deserts her and goes to his family in town. Months later, a pregnant Champa pleads with Gupta to accept her but she is thrown out by Gupta and his colleagues. Gupta and his fellow contractors have built the dam with spurious cement and one day it bursts, killing hundreds of people. They manage to cover their scam in the form of a charitable trust working for the poor, hiding the secret of their misdeeds on the dam site. Champa, in the meantime, delivers a boy whom she brings up with care, and later dies. Twenty five years later, Jai Gupta, son of Champa and contractor Gupta, runs a journal called "Ye Such Hai" which publishes startling information about the dam burst and lays accusing fingers at the contractors. Jai is not aware of the names involved in the scam and has no idea that his own father is one of the guilty. His financée Poonam, daughter of ...

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