Ram Ki Ganga - Full Movie

Duration : 2:17:37
Description :
Ram Ki Ganga
Ramdas on the verge of retirement, has several problems on hand and seeks extension of service. His friend Joshi tells him that to get extension he had to spare his daughter for a night to the General Manager of his company. In desperation, Ramdas hires a prostitute named Ganga, and asks her to be his daughter and spend the night with his boss. But Ramdas's conscience doesn't allow him to put Ganga through the situation and fights with the G.M. Ramdas returns home injured from the fight along with Ganga and soon succumbs to his wounds and dies. Thereafter his family are evicted and go to live in a shanty room in utter poverty. Ganga pawns her jewelry, then gets a job, and looks after them all. But Gangas's past catches on to traumatize her in the form of her ex husband Lalu. Can Ganga fight the odds stacked against her and lead a happy life?

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