Ram Tere Kitne Nam - Full Movie

Duration : 2:37:16
Description :
Ram Tere Kitne Nam
Super hit movie Ram Tere Kitne Nam (1985)

Synopsis: Peturam (Sanjeev Kumar) is an overweight sensitive young man, who falls in love with beautiful Radha (Rekha), the sister of Tej Singh (Prem Chopra), and would like to marry her. When he proposes to marry her, Tej makes fun of him, asks him to gather together at least 10 lakh rupees before he can even be considered as a prospective groom. Crestfallen, Peturam re-locates to Bombay city, where he starts to work driving a taxi, and buying lottery tickets, all quite in vain, as he finds himself quite far away from his target of 10 lakh rupees. Then one day he meets with a Bollywood film-maker, who decides to give him a chance in movies. The movie turns out to be a success, making Peturam, who is now known as Ram Kumar, a millionaire overnight. Pleased with his success and ensuring that he has more than enough to satisfy Tej Singh, Ram returns to his home-town only to find out that Radha has already been married to a man named Aloknath ...

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