Return Of Kartoos - Full Movie

Duration : 1:51:10
Description :
Return Of Kartoos
Super hit action movie Return Of Kartoos (2009) (Telugu Hindi Dub)

Synopsis: Jagan Naidu (Narendra Naidu) is an enterprising, US-returned guy. He saves a Lekha, from being manhandled by the CM's bodyguard. The boss of her TV channel sees CM material in this boy. He appeals to him to lead his crusade against the evil CM, Chandrasekhar Reddy (Ashish Vidyarthi), and tells him that he has a file detailing his atrocities. Jagan is impressed with the idea. But he also has to keep sneaking off to meet this girl (Sunaina Fernandez) When this girl confesses that she's the CM's daughter, and that they're all her bodyguards, Jagan is not one bit intimidated. This is because he has been trained by the US Special Force. Chandrasekhar Reddy makes use of the services of an influential goon, Goud (Pradeep Rawat), to get hold of the bothersome file, but with no success. Meanwhile, the anti-CM party is gaining momentum, with people from all over ready to plunge in - labour union leaders, real esta...

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