Sagai - Classic Bollywood Film

Duration : 2:09:47
Description :
Sagai - Classic Bollywood Film
Chandni runs away from her home to evade marriage to a groom of her fathers choice. On the run, she crosses paths with Phooman and Dhubu, two guys, wanted by police. The three set out on a series of adventures and land on a ship anchored in the city harbor. The ship's captain, Prem is in-charge of transporting the royal Princess back to her native land. The princess has fallen in love with Prem and wants to marry him, but Prem refuses her proposal. As soon as they land the King arrests Prem for disapproving the Princess and imprisons him. Phooman, Dhubu, and Chandni hatch a plan to rescue Prem, not knowing that it will put their own lives in grave danger.

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