Sajan - Bollywood Classic Film - Asha Parekh, Manoj Kumar

Duration : 2:27:03
Description :
Sajan - Bollywood Classic Film - Asha Parekh, Manoj Kumar
Rajni (Asha Parekh) works in Modern Theatre company and on one occasion she takes a lift in a car belonging to Ashok Saxena (Manoj Kumar), the son of wealthy industrialist. Seeing her getting dropped by Ashok's car, one of the theatre's staff believes that she is seeing Ashok and the rumor mills start working overtime. Now her employer wants to cash in on the news, makes Rajni the heroine and tells a local news reporter of his connection with Ashok Saxena. Next day, Ashok is stunned to see the news of his romance with a girl called Rajni, who he has never even met before. He rushes to Modern Theatre to clarify the case and gets to meet Rajni. Bewitched by Rajni's beauty and innocence, Ashok ends up falling in love with her. But before their romance can take full flight, Ashok and Rajni get embroiled in a murder case that has three different killers - all confessing to the same crime.

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