Samsaram Santhanam - Full Movie

Duration : 2:10:45
Description :
Samsaram Santhanam
Samsaram Santhanam is the story of a childless couple who decide to opt for surrogacy and raise the child. Sobhan Babu and Jayasudha are a happy couple who've been married for three years. They love and respect each other very much but are saddened by the fact that Jayasudha cannot bear a child. Desperate to have a child, Jayasudha finds a woman, Seema, who agrees to bear the child of Sobhan Babu through surrogacy for money. Sobhan Babu reluctantly agrees to the idea and they even find Seema a house to stay at. The unexpected happens when Seema meets Sobhan Babu, as Seema falls for him. Will Seema's dream come true, will Sobhan Babu and Jayasudha have the child they've been praying for? Watch to find out.

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