Sangamam - Full Movie

Duration : 2:19:45
Description :
Raghava Rao and Jagadish are brothers, who have different views on life. When Jagadish tells his brother that he'll be going off to the US with the woman he loves, Raghava Rao doesn't take it too well as he believes that the western culture might be a bad influence on Jagadish. But Jagadish goes anyway. His wife dies delivering a baby girl, Sneha, and he suffers losses in his business as well. He tries to come back to India but his brother doesn't take him back into his house. So, Jagadish goes back to the US. After many years, Raghava Rao's daughter Sanskruthi, meets with an accident and gets admitted in the hospital. There, the doctors find that she has a heart disease which, if not treated in America, could be fatal. So, Raghava Rao, reluctantly sends her to the US. This is where the story takes a interesting ...

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