Shehnai - Bollywood Family Film - Nirupa Roy, Biswajeet

Duration : 2:11:21
Description :
Shehnai - Bollywood Family Film - Nirupa Roy, Biswajeet
Shobha (Nirupa Roy) is happily married to a Military Officer Amarjeet (D.K. Sapru), but they do not have any child for seven years. Shobha and Amarjeet attend their best friends Mr. & Mrs. Kaul's (Iftekhar & Chand Usmani) anniversary party. At the party, there is an attack from the rivals and Shobha gets unconscious at that time, where Asha tells Amarjeet she would take care of her as he had to leave immediately on the field. After returning back, Amarjeet is happy to hear the news of becoming a father, but soon he has to leave as there was an announcement about the attacks to soon happen from the rivals. A few days later, Shobha receives a letter which tells her about her husband Amarjeet's death at the war, and she is broken. She gives birth to a boy named Deepak (Biswajeet) and takes care of him with her mother-in-law. One day, she gets to know from the school master that Deepak did not attend school for two days saying that his mother was ill, but she finds him smoking a...

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