Sherdil - Hindi Action Movie - Dharmendra, Rishi Kapoor

Duration : 2:38:15
Description :
Sherdil - Hindi Action Movie - Dharmendra, Rishi Kapoor
Allahabad based Prakash Saxena (Dharmendra) was separated from his family, Ramkumar Saxena (Pradeep Kumar) his dad, Mayadevi (Rohini Hattangadi) his mom and a brother Sanjay (Rishi Kapoor). Prakash taks to crime as to fulfill his needs and had changed his name to Shera. He is still on a search of his family, and subsequently he finds out that a person who knows the whereabouts of his family is based in Mumbai, who was Shobraj (Kader Khan). He plans to re-locate in Mumbai to find his family, but there are chances that circumstances may force him to abandon his quest, as he would not be the only one to be arrested and jailed, but he would also endanger the lives of his family. Will Prakash be able to re-unite with his family?

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