Sheshnaag - Full Movie

Duration : 2:24:22
Description :
Aghoori (Danny Denzongpa) is on the hunt of a snake couple, Pritam (Jeetendra) and Banu (Madhavi), who unlock a treasure trove every lunar eclipse that holds immense wealth and the key to immortality. The evil Aghoori is obsessed with power and is determined to become more powerful than the Gods. Meanwhile, in a small village, Champa (Rekha) is left to look after her innocent brother Bhola (Rishi Kapoor) and a vile husband (Anupam Kher) after her father dies. Bhola is protective of all animals and can charm any animal by playing his flute. He falls afoul of Aghoori's henchman when he saves the female snake, Banu, thus winning her gratitude. Champa's husband wagers her in a game of cards and soon she finds herself surrounded by men wanting to rape her. Champa jumps off a cliff to save her honor and seeing this Banu transforms into a replica of Champa and comes back to look after a helpless Bhola. They move into a palatial mansion and Pritam joins the household as a servant so he can ...

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