Sohni Mahiwal - Full Movie

Duration : 2:28:59
Description :
Sohni Mahiwal
Synposis: Mirza Izzat Beg Sunny Deol has dreamt of meeting a beautiful girl, and in order to make this a reality he travels to seek her out. He finds her in the shape and form of Sohni Poonam Dhillon, the daughter of a poor pottery maker, Tulla Pran and his wife Tanuja. Sohni and Izzat both fall in love instantly. Even after leaving her village, Izzat continues to meet Sohni in secret, disguised as a shepherd. But Noor Gulshan Grover, from Sohni's village, has already decided to marry her, and he creates a gigiantic wall of misunderstandings and obstacles to prevent the two lovers from meeting again.

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