Swayamvaram - Full Movie

Duration : 2:14:36
Description :
Swayamvaram is the story of two people who initially hate each other's guts but eventually become fond of one another. Venu is a very straight forward guy who does everything as he pleases. He is the son of a wealthy businessman. Anu is a sweet girl who aspires to be a singer. They meet each other a few times but do not strike a friendly rapport. Through a common friend, Bose, Venu and Anu start hanging out more often. Venu and Bose happen to be best friends and Venu is aware of the fact that Bose is in love with Anu. But Anu does not reciprocate those feelings, instead she falls in love with Venu. Bose, being very understanding, gives his blessing to them. How Venu discards his notions about the evils of marriage and how he ends up with Anu forms the crux of the story.

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