Tadipaar - Full Movie

Duration : 1:59:17
Description :
Super hit action movie Tadipaar (2005) Dub Hindi version of Telugu movie Dhana 51.

Synopsis : Sumanth is a dynamic graduate who mingles with his ex-college students. His lifetime ambition is to become a cop. He wants to become cop genuinely without giving any bribes. He befriends a beautiful girl Lakshmi (Saloni), who happens to be the daughter of honest and most powerful Police Commissioner Mahesh Chandra (Mukesh Khanna). Sumanth and Lakshmi become best buddies over a period of time. Sumanth gets fed up with bribery system in police selections and he decides to start a musical instruments shop to make a living.

Mahesh Chandra then convinces Sumanth to act as undercover police agent to book dangerous goons in the city. Sumanth pretends as rowdy and give leads of other rowdies to Mahesh Chandra. Mahesh Chandra's plan is to have open jail for all these goons and rehabilitate them as good citizens. Just when Sumanth completes getting 50 rowdies to the book, Mahesh Chandra does the a...

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