Tapassu - Full Movie

Duration : 1:55:33
Description :
Kiran is the only sister of R.K., who is the most powerful politician in town and Raju is an orphan. Raju meets Kiran in college and falls in love with her at first sight. He expresses his love to her and she accepts. R.K. doesn't like Raju so he gets his sister married to someone of his choice called, Prem. Knowing this, Raju loses all hope in life. One day, Raju gets a letter from Kiran saying that she still loves him and wants to marry him . Seeing as there's still hope for him, Raju goes to meet Kiran at her honeymoon with Prem. Prem is a nice guy who knows that Raju is Kiran's college friend so he invites Raju to come to his town and requests him to stay with them. The love triangle between Raju, Kiran and Prem continues to intrigue the audience. The movie shows how these three lovers find a way out of this web of lies that they've spun.

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