The Street Fighter - Full Movie

Duration : 1:30:42
Description :
The Street Fighter
The Street Fighter (激突!殺人拳 Gekitotsu! Satsujin Ken?), literally Clash, Killer Fist!, is a Japanese martial arts film released in 1974 and produced by Toei Company Ltd. It is notable as the first film to receive an X-rating in the United States solely for violence.

Takuma Tsurugi (Sonny Chiba) is a martial arts master for hire who comes to the rescue of a kidnapped heiress.

The film begins with Tsurugi meeting the condemned murderer Tateki Shikenbaru while disguised as a Buddhist monk. Tsuguri applies his "oxygen coma punch" to Tateki, causing him to collapse just before he can be executed. As Tateki is rushed to a hospital, Tsurugi and his sidekick Rakuda ambush the ambulance and free him. Later, Tateki's brother Gijun and sister Nachi arrive and plead for more time to pay for Tsurugi's help. Outraged, Tsurugi refuses and attacks the siblings. Gijun falls to his death and Nachi is sold into sexual slavery.

A group of gangsters attempt to hire Tsurugi to kidnap Sarai, th...

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