Tohfa - Sridevi , Jeetendra, Jaya Prada

Duration : 2:39:48
Description :
Tohfa is a movie which stared the hit pair Sridevi and Jeetendra supported by the beautiful Jaya Prada, Sri and Jaya Play sisters who both fall in love with the jumping jack but Jeetendra loves and dances with Sridevi. when Sri knows that her elder sister loves her lover she goes and marry villain (Shakti Kapoor) why? cause she is pregnant with Jeetendra's child so, then Jeetu marries Jaya who is not able to become pregnant. and when Sridevi kills her husband (Shakti) she enters jail so Jeetendra takes her child to Jaya Prada, but when Jaya knows the truth about Sridevi she feels so sorry. By the end of the story Jaya dies and and put her sister's hand with her husband. the story is very light

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