Umang - Full Movie

Duration : 2:14:53
Description :
A group youngsters are planning the Silver Jubilee celebration of their beloved Apollo Dance Club. It resides on the land owned by Rai Saheb (Rehman). Although it an illegal property the club has the support of Aunty (Durga Khote) and Captain (David) who are the residents of the colony. Asha (Archana) is the only daughter of Rai saheb and goes to the celebration without her father's knowledge. Meena (Meena.T) is the daughter of Captain and her brother Kailash (Akashdeep) is soon going to get engaged to Asha. Kailash is not serious about Asha and he wants the marriage only because her father's wealth. During the celebration Asha meets Satish (Satish)who is the secretary of the club. Rai Saheb sends Munim (Randhir) and his men to evict the illegal occupants. But Asha saves the situation and leaves. Satish and Asha grow close to each other. The club members plan to buy the land from Rai Saheb in instalments. But Rai Saheb turns down the offer. The club members go on a huge strike and ...

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