Zill-E-Shah - Full Movie

Duration : 2:30:26
Description :
Kulsoom (Noor) is engaged to Sarwar Shah (Babar Butt), but she is deeply in love with Zill-e-Shah (Shan), whorm she knows from childhood. So kulsoom's marriage is sealed, but in an encounter Zill—Shah kills Sarwar, therefore sent to Jail.
Then an unforthunete incident occurs, when Kulsoom marries Abid Shah (Safqat Cheema), the elder brother of Sarwar. Noor is in discomfort, but so is Zill-e, as he gives put his life, in the realms of dancing girls and an alcoholic. Soon he meets a Stara (Saima) a dancer, who he falls in love with, What will be the consequences of his actions? This does not make any sense if this is sequel to the movie title Majajan, Zill-e-shah supposed to kill his wife's brother.

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